Hi there! 😁

I'm software engineer and entrepreneur, Chief AI Officer and founder at Hand Talk. I'm also Google Developer Expert in Firebase, a Google Launchpad Mentor and a Certified Google Design Sprint Master.

Hand Talk is a social business that helps hundreds of thousand of people learn sign language. My career path here was a little squiggly, but I love everything I've ever worked with. I have a bachelor's degree in Architecture and worked for a few years as 3D generalist with architectural visualizations and later as character animator and video compositor in the visual effects industry. After founding Hand Talk in 2012, I've started to code full time and learned a bunch on these past years about web development, back-end development, and specially Machine Learning.

I have always been very passionate about arts, science and technology. I love to spend time putting things together with a purpose, whether it is sound, pixels, polygons, wires or code. I also have loads of fun understanding the various techniques and tools of how to create things and solve problems, as well as explaining them to other people. I believe that as important as acquiring these skills is to use them for a positive impact in the world. I try my best to use what I have learned to make the world a nicer and more inclusive place, or at least a little easier to live in. I've lived in the US and Canada, but I'm currently based in my hometown, sunny Maceió🏖, Brazil with dear wife and kids.

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